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This is a private archive created by a few individuals from our own personal collections. Nothing listed is for sale and it is not a goal of the project to distribute any part of the archive.

We collect direct digital transfers of pre-FM radio show vinyl, reel-to-reel masters and original CDs. These are complete copies of the media they duplicate, with all anouncements, adverts and promo spots. The majority of our shows are sourced from originals within our own collections. Shows recorded off-air are not strictly within our remit, however we can bend the rules for exceptional and rare recordings.

Our catalogue so far can be seen in the Listing & cue sheets section which contains details of all the shows we are aware of and assigns a GRaSP# number when we have archived that show. Please do get in touch if you think you may have an item we haven't yet found. We are keen to learn details of any new radio shows we have not listed even if you are not interested in trading.

Once in a while for a particularly rare show we may accept a single analog generation (eg. source to cassette to CDR) but only if we absolutely cannot arrange a digital transfer of the master.

Contact us with trade requests via email: genesis_radioshow@emailgroups.net

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